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Jess Thomas - Presidentmoved his family to very rural Old Agoura forty years ago

into a tiny ranchette heated by a woodstove.  It's original nine acres had been sold off, but it has come

back to life in the hands of Jess and his wife Toni.  Beneath Jess’ gentle demeanor lies a career as a professional

international motorcycle racer, earning the world land speed record of 214 mph in 1958 -a record which stands to this day! 

His amazing writing skills were polished when he was an editor at CYCLE MAGAZINE for many years in Westlake Village. Ziff-Davis publishing moved the Thomas family here from New York in 1972.


Phil Ramuno - Vice President and Building & Planninghas long been

involved in Community Service. He was on the Agoura Hills Planning Commission for ten years. Now,

Phil concentrates on Old Agoura, his international film production career, and his role as a professor at USC. Phil and his wife,

Jackie, were area residents before the local cities were incorporated.  


Danny Farkash - Building & Planning & Member At Largeis an admired custom home builder with DNA Construction.  He brings much technical insight and sage advice regarding the overview of our community growth.  

He and his wife, Tara, graciously host our fun-filled annual community "Old Agoura BBQ and Hot Dog Social."


Chris Nitz - Equestrian Directoris an insurance professional and she resides in a home

on one of the original nine acres of the Thomas homestead. Her wooden house could be right out of a fairytale.  

She is a wildlife enthusiast & enjoys riding her Akhal-Teke Sport horse or pony-carting her Icelandic on our beautiful community trails.   


Kathi Colman - Historian & Arts Directorour Old Agoura's historian is also our Cultural Affairs Director 

and reporter for our community’s news via our Old Agoura online Facebook page.  A professional artist

(known for her animal portraits especially) she and her husband George, residents for 25 years,

are deeply involved in volunteerism & helping many non-profit charities all throughout greater Los Angeles.  Their current focus is on supporting the much-needed wildlife crossing at #101 and Liberty Canyon.


George Colman- Legal Advisor & Member At Largeis our legal advisor, participating in many issues

involving our community with City Council, State & Federal representatives. He also coordinates the relationship with any

of our retained counsel when needed.  As a retired healthcare attorney, George is no stranger to speaking

up to our government to right "wrongs" and has long been popular on the lecture circuit in his field.


Carolyn Trocino, Director of Urban Wildlife Education & Communicationis a 16-year,

Old Agoura resident. She shares her home with her husband, Michael and a menagerie of animals - both domestic and wild. 

Carolyn has eleven wildlife cameras, and her home is a National Wildlife Federation Certified Wildlife Habitat ®.

She is the publisher of the quarterly, "Critter Chronicle," created the Poison-Free Agoura/Coexist with Urban Wildlife website,

and coordinates urban wildlife educational events. Carolyn is also the Director of Poison Free Agoura.

She also heads up a Facebook group called, "Coexisting with Agoura Hills Urban Wildlife."

Karen Albaum. Secretary, has lived in Old Agoura (OA) with her family for 23 years. She is also on the chairing committee for the OA BBQ. Until a few years ago, she worked part-time at the Agoura Hills Library and she worked for a large insurance company in Encino.

Stan Eskridge, Treasurer, is a CPA with over 39 years experience. Stan has lived in Old Agoura for over 20 years.

In addition, he is active in managing commercial real estate throughout Southern California and has been a board member

on several national and local non-profit organizations. Stan has been very active in the world of dog sports including

starting the second largest Flyball organization in the country.


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