So you want to build in Old Agoura?

When beginning plans to build or remodel in Old Agoura, we ask that residents and newcomers consider the existing visual ambiance in order to avoid making inappropriate and unwelcome changes to the appearance and feel of the neighborhood. Old Agoura is a rural equestrian community that wishes to retain its traditional atmosphere while allowing for eclectic architectural diversity. Our goal is not to micro-manage or dictate architectural design. Rather, we encourage tasteful subtlety derived from a palette of design features. The result should be a home and environment that is rural, rustic, and country.



Building or Remodeling in Old Agoura: Our Basic Philosophy





Colors and materials should be chosen with a design goal of blending into the landscape. Resist any temptation to attract attention to your home by making it clash with the feel of the surrounding homes. The Old Agoura Homeowners Association is dedicated to preserving the ambiance and visual tranquility of the neighborhood. Part of our preservation goal is to encourage subtlety in new home and remodel design. When considering the design of a project, the following thoughts should be kept in mind.


  • Simple is better than complicated

  • Plain is better than ornate

  • Subtle is better than ostentatious

  • Muted is better than garish


Oak Tree Preservation

Oak trees are an integral part of the character of Old Agoura. These trees are a community asset by providing environmental benefits such as cooler summer temperatures, pollution filtration, sustaining wildlife habitat and preventing soil erosion. You may be required to apply for a permit from the City of Agoura Hills if you are considering:


  • Trimming the tree

  • Undertaking construction nearby an oak tree (incl. pools, patios, landscaping and hardscaping)


Who Is The Architectural Planning & Zoning Committee?

This a sub-committee comprised of board members from the Old Agoura Homeowners' Board. They look forward to meeting with you at the beginning design stages or even before to answer any questions. They review any current building plans or designs you may have already, and can be more helpful if you meet with them prior to submittal to the local planning and building authorities. The Planning & Zoning Committee is a good source of information and can help with tips on the City’s Planning approval process. They have professional backgrounds in the construction and design industries. For plan review and appointments, email:


Other places to go for information are:


Remember the first time you experienced Old Agoura? If it was love at first sight, you are our kind of people. 

If your first visit was in the evening, you may have noticed that our lovely old neighborhood seemed rather dark. That’s because there are no public streetlights and most residents choose to use outside lighting only when necessary. And then the light fixtures should be thoughtfully shielded so that one never sees a naked bulb.

Structures are largely composed of straight lines, horizontals connected to verticals. It is very visually pleasing to soften these necessary straight lines with curves created in the walks, driveways, yard sculpture, and landscaping. A home isn’t just a house, it’s part of an environment that is an extension of one’s personality. A lot of Old Agoura flows with the easy, natural designs of Mother Nature. Old Agoura has grown slowly over the decades: when you decide to add to her, try not to disturb the evolved delicate balance.

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