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Old Agoura Homeowners


We are an all-volunteer homeowners' board focused on the interests of our neighborhood.  


We meet once per month to discuss local issues including:

  • Building, planning, and safety

  • Design approval for new buildings

  • Equestrian projects

  • Coexisting with wildlife

  • Contributing to the City's efforts to provide for our community's growth, preservation, and protection 

Our Mission

Old Agoura's mission is to use direct action, alliances, partnerships, local citizen volunteers, and communications to strategically preserve, protect, enhance and sometimes restore the treasured wildlife and natural environment of our community and the City of Agoura Hills for present and future generations.


Old Agoura.PNG

Our Old Agoura merchandise is here! It is a welcome to the neighborhood gift for new residents and is available for purchase by all! $20 per bag or hat! Contact

Board Meetings and the Annual BBQ!

The OAH Directors usually meet on the first Monday of each month via Zoom! 


Social Media

Old Agoura has a Facebook page where we post current news and events. We also provide communication via email (Constant Contact) and our website. If you are not receiving communications from us via Constant Contact, please send us your email address. 

Annual Dues

We do not have a mandatory homeowner's association in Old Agoura.


However, our lifestyle and neighborhood are constantly under pressure. Your involvement is important! Annual dues are encouraged and greatly appreciated.  


We value your feedback!

If you have any questions regarding the Board's use of funds, please contact us.

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