UPDATE: Our annual Old Agoura BBQ is not being held again this year for your safety due to concerns over Covid 19. We are saddened that we can't celebrate Together.


We are hopeful that we can get together soon. Since the BBQ is when we typically request annual dues,


we will be doing that separately this year. Your homeowner's board wishes you a healthy and safe rest of the year. Please check our website and Facebook page for updates.

Did you know that Old Agoura has an all volunteer homeowner's board that is looking out for the interests of our neighborhood? Up until March, 2020.


we met once per month to discuss local issues:


  • the number of residential rehab houses in Old Agoura. 

  • air B & B houses in our neighborhood.

  • planning commission issues.

  • Building and safety issues,

  • design approval for new builds. 

We do not have a mandatory homeowner's association in Old Agoura. However, our lifestyle and neighborhood are constantly under pressure. Your involvement is important! Annual dues are encouraged and greatly appreciated.  


If you have any questions regarding the Board's use of funds, please send an email to: 


Old Agoura has a Facebook page! Find us here!





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